Lego Star Wars


Lego + Star Wars = Great mix


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With Lego Star Wars we join two fan tribes and the fussion has been very attractive. In Lego Star Wars we will take part on the great world of Star Wars in a different way. This time our charactersfrom the movie will be... LEGO figures!

Without any doubt a strong bet that has been very succesful. With a powerfull graphic engine and its easyness to play, this game will be loved by Lego fans and Star Wars fans. If Lego was a daily thing in your daily life when you were a child, now it will be back to you.

It is very funny and fascinating seeing this magnific adaptation of each character (Obi Wan, Yoda, Darth Vader, Jar Jar,...) as these funny Lego toys.

In addition it includes a multiplayer mode, so you will enjoy your new Lego games with your friends.

Thisd emo version includes two levels.

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